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Professional Substrates

Profi Substrat

The right choice for you

For commercial horticulture customers we offer a wide range of proven and newly developed standard substrates. Even the type of delivery can be chosen, e.g. big bales, 70-l packaging, bulk etc. Gramoflor offers many substrate solutions for cultivating ornamental plants or shrubs, for nurseries or vegetable growers.


The adaption to the requirements of our customers is always our top priority. Criterias such as water quality, plant nutrition, irrigation techniques, crop size and the size of the plant containers and pots are relevant factors which influence the individual product solution.


We are happy to help. Please get in touch with your Gramoflor expert advisor!

Profisubstrat Special

Special Mixtures

Alongside the standard substrates Gramoflor also offers individual substrate solutions that meet customer specific requests.

This is our actual assortment list:

RAL Zeichen

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