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Raw Materials & Fertilizers

Our choice of high level peat qualities, renewable and mineral raw materials and fertilizers 

A substrate is created by combining various components like white and black peat, wood fibre, compost, perlite and fertilisers. Gramoflor offers several raw materials to create the volume and also several high quality fertilizers. This flexibility allows the production of substrates with customer specific requirements. For commercial horticulture we offer a wide range of proven standard substrates. Even the type of delivery can be chosen, e.g. big bales, 70-l packaging, bulk, etc. For choosing the appropriate substrate we recommend the support of our specialist.


Renewable Resources

LIGNOFIBRE® - quality wood fibre from own production

LIGNOFIBRE® is available in three different fractions: medium coarse & uncoloured, medium & coloured and extra fine & coloured and they are all in organic quality.

Mineral Raw Material



Mineral Fertilizer
Compact Fertilizer
Coated Fertilizer
Organic Fertilizer 

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