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Gramoflor Soils

With the brand Gramoflor we offer a full range of top quality products for all requirements of your customers. These soils are mainly peat reduced.

Störer - Torfreduziert

Blumenerde (Export)

Blumenerde/Potting Soil

  • Universal potting soil
  • Clay minerals and trace elements provide healthy plant growth
  • For indoor, balcony and garden plants
  • Packaging: 5, 10, 15, 20, 45, 70 litres 

Balkony Gardening Mixture

  • Top quality special soil for magnificent growth
  • A perfect growing media for all summer flowers
  • Packaging: 20, 45, 70 litres 

Substrate for Rose Cultivation

  • Roses in pots, tubs and containers
  • For strong blossoms and a healthy growth
  • Packaging: 20, 45 litres
Aussaat- und Jungpflanzenerde

Sowing Mixture

  • Perfect soil for seeding and growing of young plants
  • Packaging: 15 litres
Kübel- und Zitruspflanzenerde

Container and Citrus Substrate

  • Ideal growing media for all citrus plants
  • Also for plants in tubs and containers like e.g. passionflower, oleander, angel trumpet and hibiscus
  • Packaging: 45 litres 

Planting Mixture

  • Perfect soil for planting perennial plants
  • Packaging: 45, 70 litres 
Rhododendron- & Moorbeeterde

Soil for Rhododendrons

  • Special soil for all kind of plants which need a lower pH-value
  • Plants like rhododendrons, azaleas and erica
  • Packaging: 20, 45, 70 litres

Orchid Potting Mixture

  • Perfect structure for the roots of all kind of of orchids
  • Packaging: 5 litres

Cactus Mixture

  • Special soil for all kind of cacti
  • Packaging: 5 litres 
Gramoflor Pinien-Dekorrinde

Decorative Pine Bark


  • High quality pine bark decor for covering all kind of beds
  • Packaging: 60 litres


  • High quality pine bark decor for covering beds
  • For perennial plants like roses
  • Packaging: 60 litres


  • High quality pine bark deco for covering beds
  • For perennial plants and small trees
  • Packaging: 60 litres

All pine barks repress the growth of weed and protect the plants.

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