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Naturahum Soils

With the brand Naturahum we offer you an attractive small assortment with a lower price level. 

Naturahum Blumen- und Pflanzenerde

NATURAHUM Potting and Planting Soil

An universal mixture for ornamental plants, bushes or trees.

Packaging: 10, 20, 45, 70 litres

Naturahum Gartentorf

NATURAHUM Gartentorf (Peat)

Peat without fertilizer or lime additives which fosters new humus growth, loosens and aerates the soil.

Packaging: 70 litres

Naturahum Rindenmulch


Consists of untreated, chopped coniferous wood bark for ground covering.

Packaging: 60 litres


NATURAHUM Cemetary Soil

A specialty soil for decorative planting and ground covering on grave sites.

Packaging: 20, 45 litres

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