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Gramoflor Organic Soils peatfree

For the organic garden at home

Because of using only organic nutrients the Gramoflor Organic Soils provide a very natural growing media according to EC organic standard No. 889/2008.
For the recipe only renewable resources like wood fibres, compost, cocos and spelt husks are used.
These are well-tested materials for horticulture and in combination with organic nutrients perfect for organic and peat free soils.
Peat still offers the best properties for a healthy and rich plant growth for the professional horticulture and for the garden at home, too. But peat from Germany is also a very limited resource, which should be used rational.
The Gramoflor Organic Soils are peat free and many herbs, vegetables, flowers and plants will also get good conditions in these growing medias.
We recommend the Gramoflor BIO Kräuter- & Gemüseerde and the Gramoflor BIO Blumen- & Pflanzerde, if peat would be conscious avoided for the garden at home.

Our tip: Using of peat free soils with organic nutrients requires an early and consistent fertilization. Already after two to three weeks the weekly fertilization with an organic and liquid fertilizer should start. Another option is to use horn chips which could be mixed in the soil.
Peat free soils should not get too much pressure and they need a sufficient water regulation, in particular in strong sunlight.

Bio Blumen- & Pflanzerde torffrei

BIO Blumen- & Pflanzerde peatfree

Gramoflor's BIO Blumen- & Pflanzerde is the perfect universal soil for the ecological hobby gardener. This soil's crumbly structure makes it ideal for pricking out young plants in smaller and larger pots. This soil is also suitable for planting large bedding plants and balcony plants in tubs and containers because it contains structurally stable additives. Moreover, it can be used perfectly for repotting older plants from tubs.

Using this potting soil with organic nutrients improves the ground of your garden and it can be utilized to fill voids around the plant.

Packaging: 20, 50 litres 

Bio Kräuter- & Gemüseerde torffrei

BIO Kräuter- und Gemüseerde peatfree

Gramoflor's BIO herbal and vegetable soil can be used in many ways. It is perfectly suitable for further cultivation of young vegetable plants or herbs that are bought in pots like for example rosemary, lavender, parsley and basil.

The soil is ideally suitable for creating herbal beds in the garden or on the balcony. Domestically cultivated vegetables are also optimally supplied in balcony boxes or tubs and their roots benefit from the best health.

Packaging: 20 litres

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