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Our Promise:

Quality from the start

Quality from the start is our highest aim. To achieve this aim we introduced a standardized quality management system already some time ago which is continuously implemented and optimized. Hence there are ten good reasons for Gramoflor:

1. Our team of competent and committed specialists and the close dialogue with our customers offers optimized product solutions for different demands.

2. Our cooperative interaction with our suppliers and trade partners is based on mutual trust and ensures a reliable quality of raw material. Talking about raw material we count for: „Regional is our first choice“.

3. A strict quality and incoming goods inspection because only when high quality single components are combined a quality substrate can evolve.

4. More than 100 years of experience and competence in a today’s proven sustainable and regional peat extraction followed by restoration in Northern Germany.

5. A special flexible adjustment of the substrate structure by sieving in up to five fractions of white peak and two fractions of black peak.

6. A consequent certification of important production technoligies by the "Niedersachsen Eichamt" (Lower saxony Bureau of Standards).

7. A highly modernized security technique and production technology such as the fractiometer, the half automatic retention sample registration which is integrated in the production process and the volumeter.

8. Storage of representative retentions samples in a cooling box at 5°C for a minimum of one year…

9. ... as well as the automatic compilation of production protocols of every delivery batch. All formulations are kept in the customer file and can be obtained any time.

10. The continued external control by the "Gütegemeinschaft Substrate fü̈r Pflanzen e.V." (Quality Assurance Association Growing Media for Plant Cultivation) where Gramoflor is a member.

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Contact: +49(0) 4441 9997-0